Wednesday, 9 September 2009


Isn't it werid how alot of us are more open about our feelings with strangers???

We talk about (who knows) of people online each day, even if it's the same group each day.
But have you notice you will talk more about how you fell, about your day with them, then with someone you known for years? ie: parents, friends, boy/girl friends.

Maybe itscomfortable telling someone who doesn't know the real you, how you feel as they won't judge you as much?

But we all have differnt ways of copping with day to day life. And maybe that is one of them?

But on the toss side of the coin, how we believe strangers alot more as well.
ie: sales men/women in shops, random people we talk to.

We tend to believe there words rather then people we know as well. But that could be said that there is doubt in our minds about what someone has said or done. For us to even believe some stanger who just keeps going on.

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