Tuesday, 8 September 2009

So day 2 of my new blog!!!

Don't worrie not going to start every blog with that. It's just 7.27am on a Monday morning and I haven't woken up yet!!! But some how I made my way down the hill and to bus station eraile. And yes before you ask I did get dressed etc before leaveing.

So I thought I would take this time while waiting for the bus to arrive, what I had in mind for my new blog!!!
  Well I'm going to update it every day if possible. Due to my work I do work late and time I'm home it's time for bed. So anyway my idea was to write some blogs about my day and others about clips of YouTube. Films, tv, music etc... You all get the idea.

So just on the bus paid for the ticket, can I remember even asking for it? No, can remember walking to bus stop getting on, and sitting down. Even moved seats as letting the lady next to me off. Can't even remember saying no problem to her, I'm sure I did what's wrong with me?
-if you guys ever have an experince like this please leave comment or email them-

Not much I can say about travlling on the bus really. Even through the summer holidays have finshed, there is one kid on it for school. I can't remember haveing all this time off, when I was at school so many years go.......Memories. back in my day........ Ok ok so it was like 6yrs ago since I left secondary school. But that is still a long time. Ok I'm making myself feel old now. 21 yrs old isn't old I know but hey it getting closer to 30!!!!!!!

Don't you love it when people get on the bus, these who while looking for a seat look at all of us sitting with disgust, one sat in front of me. They made the biggest fuss about moving a ticket someone left and then they took 5 mins to sit down!!! My god! What's wrong with them???? Mind you it is funny as through the like to think they look neat and posh!!! There's one thing they forgot to do.....get the dandruff of there coat!!!!!

Anyway better get inside for work!!!

Wow before you know,it's lunch time and I'm at mcDonalds!!! Not good when I'm trying to lose weight.

When has it become a crime to look for a new job?? Ok so I'm looking for a new job, I have my reasons.

So it's 23.44 hours and I'm still awake!!

So as you guys can guess this blog was posted the 8th and not the 7th, due to i couldn't get to the net and upload so hope you enjoy and 2moz(today) there be something different...,,


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