Sunday, 27 June 2010

Joke of the day

What type of fish cant swim?

A dead one

Long time no see

So its been a few months maybe a few more since my last blog. And looking back I can see why I had to stop for.... Just didnt have the time with work and sleeping lol.

So I was going through itunes this evening and came across the score to Hanging Up and i will admit there is only 4 tracks on it i like. And three of them are the same track but added on too.

But anyway, i started to listen to these and for some reason i started to cry. Why? I dont know I just remember the film and what the story was about. Then i thought about a converstion that i had yesturday and I guess it hit me.....

I wont bore you with the details as im sure i will be telling it to the one that it matters too the most. But I keep listen to this score and for some reason i have it on repeat......

I guess it takes me back to when im younger, and things were a alot simpler in my life and i didnt have to worrie about little things and have my "Down" days (as my other half says)

They say that memories can be trigged by anything, smell, touch, sound, sight.... And i guess i associate the music to well i wouldnt say happy times, but i guess I made a disscuion that day... About my life...... I had forgotten what i was like when i was younger.

Happy little Bro i was called once (Bro = Broadhurst not brother) I havent been called that for so many years. I guess i have lost my self over the years and this music has brought a little bit of the old steve back.... Well just for the night anyway

Love you all

Steve :-) x x x x