Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Weird Fact of the day

Walt Disney was once told by his doctor that he was too stressed and should find some way of relaxing. Walt started to take up the sport golf, unfortunatley Walt become so what Obessed with the sport and was getting up at 4.30am to play around making him more stressed then before!

Thursday, 10 September 2009


Well it's Thrusday , and was Job Interview day!!!!!! Who knows how it went, from my view it went well, but i dont think i have it due to experince but who knows?

 So came home, slept and went for the jon interview. Why are they so scarry for? You sit there waitting, but once you sitting in the room. With four eyes looking at you judding you, how are we meet to cope with that?

But i got through told the truth and nothen but the truth............

Sadly only a sort one again today, but if u have any ideas for any Reviews u would like me to do for films books etc please leave comment and i will see what i can do.

Cheers Steve

Wednesday, 9 September 2009


Isn't it werid how alot of us are more open about our feelings with strangers???

We talk about (who knows) of people online each day, even if it's the same group each day.
But have you notice you will talk more about how you fell, about your day with them, then with someone you known for years? ie: parents, friends, boy/girl friends.

Maybe itscomfortable telling someone who doesn't know the real you, how you feel as they won't judge you as much?

But we all have differnt ways of copping with day to day life. And maybe that is one of them?

But on the toss side of the coin, how we believe strangers alot more as well.
ie: sales men/women in shops, random people we talk to.

We tend to believe there words rather then people we know as well. But that could be said that there is doubt in our minds about what someone has said or done. For us to even believe some stanger who just keeps going on.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Nothen Speical

So today, been thinking about what I could write about in my blog.... And I came up with......Nothen. 
    For some reason I just couldnt get to thinking about what to write, so I thought I would just write what has been going around in my small brain lol.

 So this isnt anything speical just a quick blog this evening....

Just wanted to know if any of you even been so "mad" with somthing it effect the rest of your day?

So thats it for this blog really, be a better one coming soon and a riew off a film 

SO hang in on there


Weid Fact Of The Day

The myth that lemmings regularly hurl themselves off cliffs (They dont) was popilarised by the Oscar winning Disney documentary White Wilderness, Who lacking any real life lemming suicides to film. They push a load of lemmings off a cliff into a rive intead.
So day 2 of my new blog!!!

Don't worrie not going to start every blog with that. It's just 7.27am on a Monday morning and I haven't woken up yet!!! But some how I made my way down the hill and to bus station eraile. And yes before you ask I did get dressed etc before leaveing.

So I thought I would take this time while waiting for the bus to arrive, what I had in mind for my new blog!!!
  Well I'm going to update it every day if possible. Due to my work I do work late and time I'm home it's time for bed. So anyway my idea was to write some blogs about my day and others about clips of YouTube. Films, tv, music etc... You all get the idea.

So just on the bus paid for the ticket, can I remember even asking for it? No, can remember walking to bus stop getting on, and sitting down. Even moved seats as letting the lady next to me off. Can't even remember saying no problem to her, I'm sure I did what's wrong with me?
-if you guys ever have an experince like this please leave comment or email them-

Not much I can say about travlling on the bus really. Even through the summer holidays have finshed, there is one kid on it for school. I can't remember haveing all this time off, when I was at school so many years go.......Memories. back in my day........ Ok ok so it was like 6yrs ago since I left secondary school. But that is still a long time. Ok I'm making myself feel old now. 21 yrs old isn't old I know but hey it getting closer to 30!!!!!!!

Don't you love it when people get on the bus, these who while looking for a seat look at all of us sitting with disgust, one sat in front of me. They made the biggest fuss about moving a ticket someone left and then they took 5 mins to sit down!!! My god! What's wrong with them???? Mind you it is funny as through the like to think they look neat and posh!!! There's one thing they forgot to do.....get the dandruff of there coat!!!!!

Anyway better get inside for work!!!

Wow before you know,it's lunch time and I'm at mcDonalds!!! Not good when I'm trying to lose weight.

When has it become a crime to look for a new job?? Ok so I'm looking for a new job, I have my reasons.

So it's 23.44 hours and I'm still awake!!

So as you guys can guess this blog was posted the 8th and not the 7th, due to i couldn't get to the net and upload so hope you enjoy and 2moz(today) there be something different...,,


Sunday, 6 September 2009

The Best You Tuber Ever!

Right guys, yourll have to bare with me. While i get use to writting blogs like this... This is my first Blogs that i have written about somthing as in out there, in others words somthing that isnt about Moi!!!!! (Yes i cant speak French, but i let the funky music do the talking)
I know someone said to me that maybe i should do a video instead of a blog but hey i hate the sound of my own voice so hey it all is....

So today, i was sitting watching Youtube. At a few clips i randomly came across, a few weeks back. Anyway as you do (Well i hope so) I clicked on the Related Videos and all i can say is WOW.....

I have been watching youtube for some time now and there have only been the odd clip that has made me laugh....

But in the last month or so i have fouind so brillent guys/girls on there, who are just funny. And they are funny in there way, and that is what Youtube is missing at times.

But I want to talk about one clip that I have watched just as i was about to trun in for the night. And as you can tell its called The Best You Tuber Ever! by katilette (hope she doesnt mind) Link is below for these who want to view....

All i gotta say about this clip is that, i have played it like 5x and that is while ive been writting this blog. It is only 2min long but my god its funny......

I wish i could come up with a song that quick and sing it and play an instrument at the same time... So go you girl.

Well im off for the night, a short and sweet one for my first one.

There will be (i hope) a blog each night if i can due to my work i might not be able to. If i had an iphone be a total didnt story!!!! (In case the other half is readding.. want an iphone lol)

Well night guys and Ill be writting one 2moz for you all